RICH REVIEWS: Knight # 2

Title: Knight # 2
Publisher: Evoluzione Publishing
Knight: Knights of the New Age Act II: The Maiden & The Evil Sorcerer
Writer/Letterer: Guido Martinez
Penciller: Mauri
Inker: Victor Nava
Colors by: Marcus Odoms
Letters: David Herbert & Guado Martinez
Cover: Simone Buonfantino & Franco Risco
The Chosen: Warriors of Fate Act II: Blood & Sand
Writer/Letterer: Guido Martinez
Penciller: Vittorio Garofoli (Grafimated Cartoon)
Colorist: Marco Pagnotta
Price: $ 1.99 US (PDF)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Knights of the New Age Act II: The Maiden & The Evil Sorcerer” Here we see some superhumans hunting. They are all killers. Each one has a unique special power. Whisper a beautiful mysterious woman convinces Knight to help her take down the Praetorians the top three of these superhumans.
Superhumans are called Over Humans here.
Knight and Whisper we see getting ready for a fight with Brian Gallows and his Praetorians; Executioner, Gravedigger, and Dragonbreath. These three henchmen are as tough as they come and even more deadly. They are drawn as evil creatures. The Knight finds himself in the fight of his life. He faces a wizard, a dragon, a witch, and a barbarian is he ready?
This knight is a warrior and more as the story continues we continue to learn more about him. He is a good man.
“Warriors of Fate Act II: Blood & Sand” Mirena’s Axe Bearer seems to be adjusting well to the Axe and its abilities. While in the arena fighting gladiators Miena and the finds another Bearer. Hrul’s Blades glow as another Bearer is present. Mirena has started her quest. You are invited to follow along on it with her.

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