RICH REVIEWS: Knight # 1

Title: Knight # 1
Publisher: Evoluzione Publishing
Knight: Knights of the New Age Act 1: The Legend Begins…
Writer/Letterer: Guido Martinez
Artist: Mauri
Inker: Victor Nava & Mauri
Colors by: Marcus Odoms
Letters: David Herbert & Guado Martinez
Cover: Simone Buonfantino & Franco Risco
The Chosen: Warriors of Fate Act 1: Bars and Chains
Writer/Letterer: Guido Martinez
Penciller: Vittorio Garofoli (Grafimated Cartoon)
Colorist: Marco Pagnotta
Price: $ 1.99 US (PDF)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Knight: Knights of the New Age Act 1: The Legend Begins…”
The Knight is an impressive sight as an urban hero. He has a menacing attitude.
The narrative boxes are done in a style fitting the knights of old. The lettering as well is done to fit the character.
There is definitely more to this Knight than first meets the eye. What he has planned is beyond what you have seen in most comics it gives this one a unique feel all its own.
The villain is shown. He acts like a cult leader.
Knight is met by Whisper and is she ever drawn as one gorgeous sexy woman. The butt shot is beautiful. The scene with them meeting sets up their team-up and future issues. If the Knight was not enough to hook you Whisper certainly will be.
“The Chosen: Warriors of Fate Act 1: Bars and Chains”
Mirena a High Priestess is out shopping. Mirena is out for vengeance against the Roctars. She finds her first bearer. The bearers will aid her in using weapons of power. Hrul’s ax is very impressive.
This story has just begun and the adventure is exciting as warriors ready to battle. At stake Mirena’s quest for vengeance and so much more.

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