RICH REVIEWS: Kindred Spirits (TV Series) Episodes 4

Produced by: Paper Route Productions, Inc. for Destination America
Starring: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry
Executive Producer: Alan LaGarde
Executive Producers: Amy Bruni & Adam Berry
Executive Producer: Sumithrin David
Executive-In-Charge: Dan Zarenkiewicz
Head of Production: Brian Garrity
Supervising Producers: Ken Wonderland & David Jacobs
Director of Photography: Brian Antonson
Camera Operator: Andrew Lynch
Casting Producers: Cara Rothenberg & Sydney Dufty
Associate Producer: Madison Walker
Plot: A family won’t step foot in the basement after a brutal murder takes place. Kids are seeing shadow figures, and a “scary man” in the closet. Amy and Adam bring in advanced paranormal gadgets, and find shocking evidence on camera.
Run Time: 43 min
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Episode 4 – “The Basement”
Beautifully started. The setting grabs you. Than the clips of scenes from the episode will hold you.
Amy and Adam investigate a house where a murder took place. These two do mesh together so well. The house owners are seeing ghosts. The owners are is distress and want answers so they can rest and the ghosts can to.
Amy and Adam do see and hear things that are unexplained. It is enthraling as they investigate and the things they do and the results they get. They are like detectives in a sense.
If you do not believe in ghosts you might after watching this.
Having a basement as the main part of the haunting makes it even scarier.
As the Paranormal Investigators continue they become sure that more than one ghost is in the house.
Amy and Adam do help a family member talk to the departed one. There is a lot of emotion shown here. Amy and Adam accomplished a lot of good bring some emotional peace.

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