RICH REVIEWS: Kindred Spirits (TV Series) Episodes 2

Run Time: 43 min
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Sneak Peak:
Comments: Halloween Episode 1 – “Shoebox Murder”
Amy and Adam start out by telling you about what they are going to investigate. Chris and Jeannine are having trouble with ghosts.
Amy and Adam are professionals and act it as they inteview and than investigate the house. There is a great build up of suspense as they continue to investigate.
They bring in a psychic Stephanie to help them out. She does prove helpful.
Amy and Adam also do a EVP session. They do get results to.
The entire show gives you a spooky feel. The hairs will stand up on your neck as you realize this is true.
Amy and Adam narrow down the suspects.
Things do get emotional as well.
Amy and Adam give the home owners a run down on how to deal with their problems. Do they solve everything no but they do improve things. They are professional at their job and having to work with them looks like the best thing for anyone with the type of problems they deal with.

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