RICH REVIEWS: Killing Moon # 2

Title: Killing Moon # 2
Publisher: PigDog Press
Script: Chris Denton
Art/Cover: Bhuna
Colour: Darren Stephens
Lettering: Bolt-01
Cover: Bhuna & Darren Stephens
Price: £3.50
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: Miss Ingrid Stensgaard is a warrior and assassin her blade sings as she battles werewolves.
Ingrid is a great character. She gets her assignment and carries it out. Ingrid knows what she wants. This woman is a fighter.
The art is sparse. The backgrounds some could use more to them. The art should be more focused as it portrays the people.
The story is short here. We get a brief origin story for Ingrid. Plus we see her on a mission. One that is not all that exciting. She kills a guy the end.
The pin-up of Castle Merstburg by Neil McClement is a beautiful dark rendered piece of art.
Ingrid Stensgaard by David Frankum is illustrated in a pin-up as a strong and determined female.
Lord Ruthven and Wolfmen by Chris Askham is another pin-up with a horrific appeal.
The pin-ups are all wonderful pieces of art that you are sure to want to see.

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