SEASON 3, EPISODE One: Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey 

Episode Cast:
1974 Young Dasha … Catalina Cazacu
1974 Young Man … Ralph Maystone
1974 Coach: Ventsislav Yankov
Spanish Bride … Carmen Montero
Villanelle … Jodie Comer
Dasha … Harrie Walter
Wedding Guest 1 …  Carlos Mendoza
Wedding Guest 2 … David Claudio
Carolyn Martens … Fiona Shaw
Mo Jafari … Raj Bajaj
Paul … Steve Pemberton
Diane … Maria McErlane
Eve Polastri … Sandra Oh
Cashier … Poet Park
Kenny … Sean Delaney
Bear: Turlough Convery
Audrey … Ayoola Smart
Jamie … Danny Sapani
Waitress … Sunny Yeo
Kitchen Worker # 1 … Anthony Shin
Kitchen Worker # 2 … Chan Woo Lim
Restaurant Owner … Namju Go
Konstantin … Kim Bodnia
Shop Assistant … Yasmin Al-Khughairi
Spanish Store Owner … Caroline Valdes
Rehab Receptionist … Melanie Beckley
Niko … Owen McDonnell
Bus Commuter … Tiffany Ceri

Air Date: Sunday, April 12, 2020, 10:00 PM ET
Run Time: 40 min, 52 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Russia 1974 shows a very talented gymnast. Dasha gives it her all yet it is not enough. Wow after her practice things go weird and violent. Then just plain strange.
Next, we jump to the present and a wedding. Here things really take a turn that is totally unexpected. Villanelle is just going to blow your mind with her actions. The excitement is fast and furious from the moment this show starts.
At MI6 things are changing and not for the best. New management has moved in and the former head of the department is not doing too well.
Meanwhile, Eve is not doing so well after her death. She still has her attitude and an attitude when it is called for.
This show does jump around a lot yet everything ties in so perfectly. Villanelle is shown as one crazy you know what. Eve seems to be hiding away.
This episode shows where at least some of Villanelle’s crazy comes from, also her tenacity. Then we see her on a job. She is good at what she does. Totally crazy but good.
Life does go on for everyone. Well not everyone.
This is the most intense show you could ever watch. It is filled nonstop with action, excitement, drama, and characters that will leave you shaking your head. You will become addicted to this series.


Episode Cast:
Eve Polastri … Sandra Oh
Jamie…Danny Sapani
Konstantin…Kim Bodnia
Bear…Turlough Convery
Audrey… Ayoola Smart
Carolyn Martens … Fiona Shaw
Geraldine…Gemma Whelan
Villanelle…Jodie Comer
Dasha…Harriet Walter
Mo Jafari…Raj Bajaj
Paul…Steve Pemberton
Taxi Driver…Sally Guinness
Kitchen Worker # 2…Chan WooLim
Waitress…Sunny Yeo
Kitchen Worker # 1…Anthony Shin
Felix…Stefan Iancu

Air Date: Sunday, April 19, 2020, 10:00 PM ET
Run Time: 41 min, 2 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Eve is still having a tough time. With the death of one of her ex co-workers, she is really struggling. Eve does finally get some focus. You can see the difference in how she acts immediately. She is back working investigating. It does suit her. It is so wonderful to see Eve coming back to life. She was broken after nearly dying. Now you truly see her for who she should be.
Villanelle is settling into her new job. She is looking so beautiful.
The music is done perfectly to match what is going on.
Villanelle and her young protege go out on their first job. There is no clowning around as Villanelle is serious in wanting a good job done. Her trainee well he does not quite work out as planned.
Carolyn is suffering and she and Eve begin working together again.
Villanelle learns she made a mistake. Her expression is one of crazy mixed with excitement. You see her thinking and want to know her thoughts but you know she is way too insane
The connection between Eve and Villanelle is something else. These two are fated to meet again.
You have to watch this show reading about it does not even come close to experiencing it and the out of this world performances of all the actors involved.


Episode Cast:
Villanelle … Jodie Comer
Pianist … Eulalia Ballart
Nanny … Elisabeth Bonjour
Mo Jafari … Raj Bajaj
Carolyn Martens … Fiona Shaw
Eve Polastri … Sandra Oh
Jamie … Danny Sapani
Geraldine … Gemma Whelan
Dasha … Harriet Walker
Bear … Turlough Convery
Audrey … Ayoola Smart
Konstantin … Kim Bodnia
Charles Kruger … Dominic Mafham
Parfumier … Don Gallagher
Henrik … Alex Hanson
Barman … Ryan Donaldson
Toy Shop Assistant … Charlotte Gosling
Valerie … Ester Hall
Pianist’s Husband … Arnau Gol

Air Date: Sunday, April 26, 2020, 10:00 PM ET
Run Time: 41 min, 39 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Villanelle has one sick twisted sense of humor. It is done in such a way as to make it seem funny and to provoke her likability even though she is a killer.
Villanelle buying perfume is something that you have to see. You have never seen anyone buy perfume like this.
Eve is investigating the twelve. She seems back to her old self.
Wow when Villanelle and Eve meet it is so emotional and so exciting. Eve practically jumps her attacking her. Villanelle he is nice and calm. Yet you know inside she is not. This first meeting since Villanelle killed Eve is so amazing. It is so charged with energy. The music playing in the background is perfect.
Carolyn, Eve’s boss gets to meet Villanelle and she is left shaken. It is vaguely strange to see this powerful woman not totally in control.
Villanelle is unlike anyone you have ever seen. The way her thoughts work is strangely entertaining and very twisted.
The cat and mouse games between Villanelle and Eve are intense. You will not be able to turn away from their interactions.
The ending will get you thinking and wondering how does Eve really feel about Villanelle. Their relationship is something else.


Episode Cast:
Niko … Owen McDonnell

Milena … Anita Poddebniak
Bartender … Irina Antoine
Dasha … Harriet Walker
Eve Polaski … Sandra Oh
Audrey … Ayoola Smart
Jamie … Danny Sapani
Bear … Turlough Convery
Konstantin … Kim Bodnia
Irina … Yuli Lagodinsky
Irina’s Mum’s Boyfriend … Ion Grosu
Bertha Kruger … Rebecca Saire
Villanelle … Jodie Comer
Carolyn Martens … Fiona Shaw
Geraldine … Gemma Whelan
Paul … Steve Pemberton
Helene … Camille Cottin

Air Date: Sunday, May 3, 2020, 10:00 PM ET
Run Time: 41 min, 34 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Here we see Niko, Eve’s husband. He does seem like a great guy. The two of them though do want some different things out of life.
  Eve, now she is shown here as one ordinary woman. She is anything but though. Even dressed all plain she is a beauty. Eve goes after Niko you can tell she still loves him.
Villanelle is having fun. She is getting what she wants. She also wants to know her family. The question is do they want to know her?
Both Villanelle and Eve are portrayed by two very beautiful and talented actresses.
Tiny Tim’s song Tip Toe Through the Tulips, while Villanelle is in a garden, is done so perfectly it matches the scene and her actions wonderfully.
This episode switches between all the main characters focusing on each just not overly long. It does work really well. All the characters have unique personalities that make them shine.
Carolyn she at times does come across as emotionless. She is a strong woman.
Dasha is a woman who can not be trusted.
Just when you think you can not be surprised any more what happens will throw you for a loop and than some. This show just keeps going over the top and it never stops.


Episode Cast:
Villanelle … Jodie Comer
Bor’ka … Temi Blaey
Yula … Natallia Bulynia
Fyodor … Dimitrij Schaad
Grigorly … Pedja Bjelac
Pytor … Rob Feldman
Tatiana … Evgenia Dodina
Nadege … Virginia Rogin
Yula’s Friend # 1 … Lia Sinchevici
Yula’s Friend # 2 … Cristina Casian
Cups Stall Woman … Loreta Neculai
Cow Judge … Rada Ixari

Air Date: Sunday, May 10, 2020, 10:00 PM ET
Run Time: 41 min, 03 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Villanelle has returned to Russia. Even something as simple as walking down a road with her becomes an over the top event. Villanelle visits a nice family who seems a bit weird and she is nice and calm. She seems out of place at the start of meeting them and then starts to warm up and relax a little around them. It takes her a bit to let herself go.
The music is amazing the way it fits in just right.
Villanelle does get to learn about this family. The more she hangs around the more she learns about them and fits in. Her personality is simply strange.
In this small town of Pinner Villanelle interacts with one head of a family and they are at odds. A confrontation ensues. Which one is stronger? Which one is crazier?
Villanelle does know how to make an exit. When she acts it is explosive and with emotion. She does what she knows is right. She may be crazy yet she can still tell the difference between right and wrong as long as it is not about her. You have never seen a character like Villanelle before.
The ending will leave you freaking out a bit. You will be asking yourself what is coming next? VasseurReviewsRich Reviewskilling,reviews,season
SEASON 3, EPISODE One: Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey  Episode Cast: 1974 Young Dasha ... Catalina Cazacu 1974 Young Man ... Ralph Maystone 1974 Coach: Ventsislav Yankov Spanish Bride ... Carmen Montero Villanelle ... Jodie Comer Dasha ... Harrie Walter Wedding Guest 1 ...  Carlos Mendoza Wedding Guest 2 ... David Claudio Carolyn Martens ... Fiona Shaw Mo Jafari ... Raj...