RICH REVIEWS: Killing Eve Season 2

SEASON 2, EPISODE ONE: Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?

Run Time: 41 min, 53 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The recap from season one is quick and gets you pumped. The action and excitement have not stopped.
  The characters of Eve and Vallanelle are so over the top especially Vallanelle.
Vallanelle and Eve are two very different personalities.
Wait till you see how Vallanelle stops a taxi. Also, Eve sitting at a bar is so entertaining. Watching these two as they go about their business they draw you into their lives.
Vallanelle is so tough. She may be crazy insane but this woman can take a lot and keep going.
There is always something happening to hold your attention.
Vallanelle can come across as a normal person but with a twisted way of acting. The hospital scene just wow. The scene was perfectly done.
These two women are so tied together, just in different ways. Eve is your normal average person done in a non-average way while Vallanelle has to be seen to be believed.
This series will pull you in and never let you go.

SEASON 2, EPISODE Two: Nice and Neat

Run Time: 42 min, 5 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Vallanelle does look cute in the PJ’s she stole. She is shown as such a manipulator.
The music is so beautiful and fits the show perfectly.
Eve meets her new team. Their job is to catch Vallanelle. The MI6 team does seem competent. Eve is a professional and handles the case accordingly.
Vallanelle does find herself, someone to manipulate, he is a strange man. Julian the more you see him the weirder he comes across as. As you see more of him you get a sense that he is a dangerous man.
Someone new enters the game. Then another unexpected person enters this game.
Vallanelle and Julian end up in a fight. Vallanelle may be injured but she is still a world class assassin. She is a person who is a killer and a bad person in general yet her personality makes her likable.
The characters are the most amazing people you will ever see on screen. Eve and Vallanelle will have you watching them spellbound. These two, police and assassin, have the most interesting relationship going. You will not want to miss an episode and you will be intensely awaiting the next episode.

SEASON 2, EPISODE Three: The Hungry Caterpillar

Run Time: 42 min, 10 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Vallanelle certainly has a way of making killing look fun. She has a way of insinuating herself into others lives. She does it so easily. Eve is becoming obsessed with Vallanelle as Vallanelle is with her.
These two actresses are so talented. They play their parts perfectly.
MI6 does get close to Vallanelle. Eve and Vallanelle play such intense cat and mouse games. You will find yourself feeling what they do.
This show is riveting you will not be able to turn away. The supporting characters all fit in nicely. Yet the main two it is easy to see are the stars of the show.
The music is great.
Vallanelle has a unique sense of crazy. She just goes into a situation and you just know she is going to do something insane. Eve looks calm for the most part unless Vallanelle is close or getting to her. Then her calm erupts into action. Eve is someone you definitely want in your corner and Vallanelle is someone you would hide in a corner from.

SEASON 2, EPISODE Four: Desperate Times

Run Time: 40 min, 30 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The music fits this show just perfectly.
Villanelle is such an amusing character. Her personality is over the top and totally unique. She looks gorgeous and has one sexy body even though it is rarely shown off.
Eve is investigating some murders by the Ghost another assassin. Were Villanelle has fun in her kills the Ghost goes straight to it.
One little piggy has her fun with an artistic kill.
Villanelle is one crazy assassin. You never know what she might do.
Eve at first seems mundane kind of like Columbo used to be. You can tell though she is intelligent and you can see she is beautiful in her own way.
As you watch both Villanelle and Eve you do get the sense they are connected somehow. Even obsessed with each other.
This series will have you hooked once you start watching it.

SEASON 2, EPISODE Five: Smell You Later

Run Time: 41 min, 02 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Villanelle is trying to have some fun with her killings.
The Ghost is being questioned by Eve. How to get to her is the question? Eve has a plan.
Villanelle is one crazy psychopath woman and you will also find yourself feeling sorry for her.
Eve is being tested without her knowing it. Why though?
The relationship between Eve and Villanelle is a strong and strange one. Eve even starts to act and think differently.
Eve brings Villanelle to her. Villanelle acts all calm while you can feel the tension from Eve. Villanelle it is easy to tell does love Eve in her own twisted sort of way. Villanelle has a way of being in control of seizing the moment quietly.
The Ghost will not talk to Eve. Villanelle though. Eve now is pushing the lines of justice and morals to get what she wants. She is becoming as bad as Villanelle only her reasons are for justice.
Villanelle has such a wonderful attitude it is hard at times to remember she is a killer. A beautiful one who can mislead you with her charm.
The music is so wonderful to hear as it fits in perfectly with what is going on.
The relationship between Eve and Villanelle cannot be described it has to be seen. These two actresses are at the top of their field.

SEASON 2, EPISODE Six: I Hope You Like Missionary

Run Time: 41 min, 18 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Villanelle is trying to break up Eve’s happy marriage.
The music is beautifully matched to this show and the characters.
Villanelle and Eve are teaming up yet again. This is becoming a habit. Even seems to enjoy having to have them work together. Villanelle just keeps pushing her way into Eve’s life. The back and forth these two share will keep you coming back to see where it goes next.
Villanelle actually comes out opening up letting how she truly feels about her life out. It does give you an insight into who she actually is. Than Villanelle does really act up and grabs Eve’s attention.
Watching Villanelle having a conversation on philosophy is just awesome. This episode does feature her move than Eve and it working very well as you get to see Eve’s reactions to how Villanelle acts.
With Villanelle you just never know what is going to come next. She acts without thinking of the consequences to herself.
Eve is slipping a bit more as she becomes less calm. Villanelle is definitely having an effect on her.

SEASON 2, EPISODE Seven: Wide Awake

Run Time: 40 min, 0 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Villanelle seems to be enjoying helping Eve out on her case. She is getting into her undercover role.
Again the music is simply amazing.
Villanelle is just insane. You will wonder how Eve can work with her. The more Eve works with her the more Eve changes. Eve realizes changes have happened yet she does nothing to stop them.
Villanelle continues in her undercover work. The man Villanelle is getting close to is just weird. He wants to control her and you can tell Villanelle is putting up with it just barely.
Villanelle was obsessed with Eve and now Eve has become obsessed with her. These two women were opposites. Now Eve is becoming more and more like Villanelle.
Eve does something you would never expect her to in this episode. Eve is changing so fast now. She is becoming an entirely different person. Villanelle knows what she is doing and the effect it is having on Eve. Villanelle is a master manipulator.
Villanelle may be getting what she wants slowly but surely. Eve may think she is in charge but is she really?

SEASON 2, EPISODE Eight: You’re Mine

Run Time: 41  min, 31 sec
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Villanelle figures out her mark’s plans for her. She acts in her usual way which is totally unpredictable.
Eve faces danger. You will be on the edge of your seat. The way she reacts fits her character perfectly.
Villanelle and Eve must work together to survive. The interaction between these two is so entertaining to watch.
Both Eve and Villanelle discover they were being used.
Villanelle finds herself in one hard pressed fight. As Eve and Villanelle fight together they become even closer.
Now the Twelve want them dead. What will they do next?
Villanelle loves Eve so much. She keeps manipulating Eve though. Eve does realize what is happening. Eve though is still her own person. You can feel the tension between these two. Then the unthinkable happens.
You will not believe the acting ability of the two stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. They could not deliver a better performance.
This is the craziest show you will ever see.

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