RICH REVIEWS: Kid Brooklyn: Genesis # 1

Title: Kid Brooklyn: Genesis # 1
Publisher: KB Comics
Creators: Jaden Anthony, Joseph Anthony
Writers: Jaden Anthony, Joseph Anthony, Dennis Calero
Art, Ink, Colors, and Letters: Crimson Studio, Santiago Gullen, Tina & Amit Chadge, Dennis Calero
Price: $ 9.99 US, $ 12.99 Can
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: An alien spacecraft crash lands on Earth. It was being chased by another one.
A proofreader was needed on this issue to check grammar.
The art is plain it needs more detail and focus to it. Too much black filler is used.
Jaden is the new kid at school and on his way to school. Meanwhile, the evil aliens send Invader after the good aliens and the weapon they have. An invader with the glowing parts of his costume looks amazing.
Jaden makes new friends at school and an enemy as well. It is great to see Jaden stand up to the school bully. Bullying is wrong no matter what.
Now Jaden finds a mysterious bracelet in his bag. How did it get there? What is it?
The Boshuren that Jaden found is a powerful weapon. What will he do with it? Turn his back on these bullies and walk away?
This comic book helps to raise money for charities and needy causes.
Jaden and the other starring kids are all based on real-life children. Plus the star of this comic Jaden is written in part by the real-life Jaden. Who better to understand the character and bring Kid Brooklyn to life.

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