RICH REVIEWS: Kamikaze Vol 1: Travel Friendly

Title: Kamikaze Vol 1: Travel Friendly (GN)
Publisher: Moving Ink Media
Created by: Alan & Carrie Tupper
Story by: Alan & Carrie Tupper and Michael H. Harper
Written by: Carrie Tupper
Art by: Alan & Carrie Tupper and Havana Nguyen
Price: $ 15.00 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Prologue” J-Man aka Jackal is on some kind of mission. A canister ties in with things. The story and plot well there are none yet. There are people after the canister, why? Who are these people?
“Act 1” Markesha is a young girl that is very athletic. Not much of anything happens in this chapter accept introducing Markesha. The art is well done with soft coloring and the drawings are almost cartoon-like.
“Kamikaze Act 2” Markesha and her dad are shown here that they do love each other. There sharing a meal has a lot of meaning between them.
“Act 3” Markesha takes a job doing a night run. It’s a delivery job. She does get to her destination. What is happening there? The story moves along smoothly yet it is boring with next to nothing happening. Plus who are the people shown, what is their purpose?
“Act 4” Markesha makes her delivery and things start to heat up. Mr. Stykes is shown here and it is easy to tell he is a man who is in charge.
At the back of the book, there are pages of explanations. Some of this should have been in the main story. Lots of art in the making in the back as well.
Markesha is a cute character and a caring one. She does what she has to survive.

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