RICH REVIEWS: Kaijumax: Season Three # 3

Title: Kaijumax: Season Three # 3
Publisher: Oni Press
Written & Illustrated by: Zander Cannon
Color Assists by: Jason Fischer
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: It looks like there is an island used as a prison for monsters. This is a unique idea for sure. Monsters that you will almost recognize are there and lots more.
The monsters act like people. They talk and converse same as any one would. The story follows these monsters and their lives as prisoners. The monsters do seem tame. There is almost no violence from them.
The art is not done to make the monsters scary. It is cartoonish.
Kaijumax Island is just full of monsters of all kinds.
This issues focuses on the prisoners and mainly one giant goat creature. He comes across as pitiful. The Creature from Devil’s Creek or Daniel. Daniel is terrified of his father. Poor Daniel and Daniel is such a nice soul. He does not want to hurt a fly. Being a giant monster though people get the wrong idea.
This comic is unlike any other out there.

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