RICH REVIEWS: Josie and the Pussycats # 5

Title: Josie and the Pussycats # 5
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story by: Marguerite Bennett and Cameron Deordio
Art by: Audrey Mok
Coloring by: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Lettering by: Jack Morelli
Cover by: Audrey Mok
Variant Covers: Asami Matsumura, Jenn St. Onge
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Josie and Alan M are having some drama. He is portrayed as a total jerk where she is a sensitive kind caring person.
Felicity Mountain now this young girl is illustrated amazingly.
Poor Josie though things just do not work out for her. She has such high hopes and they seem to always get dashed.
What is up with the attitude from Josie? She is like a spoiled rotten child. She needs to get over herself. Plus this is a complete reversal to how she was acting earlier. Josie is written with mental problems.
Melody is shown so smart and insightful. She is definitely no dumb blonde.
Having the fourth wall being broken several times adds a cute touch.
Josie does a lot of emotional growing up in this issue.
This is definitely not the Josie from other comic series.
The story just keeps turning in directions that are totally unexpected. These Pussycats are not your dad’s. You will be surprised.

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