RICH REVIEWS: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: CIVILIANS # 3

Title: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: CIVILIANS # 3
Publisher: Storm King Comics
Written by: Dune Swierczynski
Pencils by: Andrea Mutti
Inks by: Gigi Baldassini
Colors by: Valerio Alloro
Lettered by: Janice Chiang
Edited by: Sandy King
Cover Art by: Tim Bradstreet
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Bernie Heldmann was just some average guy, nothing special at all. Then things changed for him. He is now much more than he was. He has the power that he is using. He is in unknown territory with his power. Yet he is using it yet it does not always go how he would like it to.
Bernie’s abilities are so powerful they actually work on him as well as others.
Allie Lonergan, Vy Thahn, and Ol’ Hank Robinson catch up to Bernie Heldmann and they start out talking but things do escalate quickly. Bernie does not seem to fully realize just what it is that he is doing. When he uses his power awful things happen.
The art looks great with all the characters looking like just normal everyday people. The villain is not all that much of one since he never really meant to be one and certainly not as far as things went.
The ending is anti-climatic. Yes, it is still a horrifying ending cause if it happened for real it would be horrible.

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