RICH REVIEWS: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: CIVILIANS # 2

Title: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: CIVILIANS # 2
Publisher: Storm King Comics
Written by: Dune Swierczynski
Pencils by: Andrea Mutti
Inks by: Gigi Baldassini
Colors by: Valerio Alloro
Lettered by: Janice Chiang
Edited by: Sandy King
Cover Art by: Tim Bradstreet
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A naked man is wondering what is going on. Also, three people that have been affected by the strange and deadly occurrences. These three do want to find out why this is happening.
So much is a mystery here. The story is unfolding like a horror movie of some sort.
The naked man seems to be crazy at times and other times perfectly sane and well accept for running around naked in public. The three people who meet up are an odd collection of different characters yet willing to work together.
The art fits the story. The scenes of carnage are horrible to think about. They will have you imagining what if you were there.
The story moves along nicely. The people you get a brief explanation of who they are. You will find yourself liking these people and interested in seeing what happens to each one. Allie, Vy, and Hank along with Bernie are people you easily come to care about.
The build-up to suspense to what is going on is palpable.

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