RICH REVIEWS: John Carpenter Tales For A HalloweeNight Volume 7

Title: John Carpenter Tales For A HalloweeNight Volume 7
Publisher: Storm King
Written by: Elena Carrillo, John Carpenter, Alec Worley, Anthony Birch, Tim Bradstreet, Sean Sobczak, Kealan Patrick Burke, Neo Edmund, David J. Schow, Frank Tieri, Duane Swierczynski, Mike Sizemore, Sandy King
Art by: Jaime Carrillo, Luis Guaragna, Ben Willsher, Richard P. Clark, Tim Bradstreet, Andy Price, Damien Worm, Jan Duursema, Gus Vazquez, Cat Staggs, Andrea Mutti, Dave Kennedy, Tom Mandrake
Colors by: Sian Mandrake, Ross A. Campbell, Vladimir Popov, Pete Kennedy
Pinups by: Nick Percival, Cat Staggs & Tim Bradstreet
Lettering by: Janice Chiang
Price: $ 24.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Aliens Among Us” Well a cat introduces this tale and then an alien turns up. The art on the alien is beautifully done and graphic. Aliens have invaded and the humans that remain are fighting back. This is a frightening story and as you think about it becomes even more so.
“Last Rights” The cats are realistically drawn.
A nurse is an angel of mercy as she helps patients on the critical list with one last thing before they die. It is a fascinating story and one you might wish was true. Some people do deserve to die.
“The Mime” The mime here is a cute-looking woman. This is a beautiful story with no words and the suspense and only the ending disappoints. It leaves you wondering what was the point of the story.
“Like and Subscribe” Allie an internet talk show host blends reality and make-believe too well. For her, the reality of what she does becomes a reality that she never wanted. When you lie to people some just do not take it well. The art here does show off the characters very well.
“The Wolves of Heiberg” is A great story of suffering. Men end up trapped and without food. They preserve and fight on. These men are brave souls. The story is about their suffering and how they survive. The ending though leaves you wondering what happened?
“Happily Everafter” A proofreader was needed for this story.
This is a story all about love. A husband does love his wife so much and wants to be with her forever.
The ghostly art looks wonderful. It does bring across the fact that ghosts are ghosts.
“The Mannequin Challenge” This story is about a man who misses his wife but the rest of it makes no sense at all. Is he killing his co-workers or not? Theo is a great guy just the story does not focus on what is happening or if it’s real or what?
“Trick or Reap” Aw poor Bret he just wants to spend time with a beautiful woman. What he gets though is one treat that turns into a trick. The ending is kind of just there. It has a nice enough build then it just stops. The art overall is well done to bring out the Halloween spirit.
“Draggers” Nice story with a new take on drag racing. Two men compete and one loses. A woman does watch it all godown. The story has some great horror aspects yet it does not connect it all. The art fits beautifully with the time period.
“The Brooklynn Basher” Here we have a revenge tale. People when pushed and out for revenge can go to any lengths. Some people just do not think. You hurt others than others can and will hurt you. The story could use more intensity as it just coasts along.
“It’s Not Grue…It’s Me” This is a confusing tale about love. You are never given a clear answer for what is going on. The two main characters are presented as normal lesbians just the one who left her ex-girlfriend and problems continued.
“Gone To Texas” Sheriff Kate Bold of Bethany has a car, full of dead people. Kate fights something it is not explained what. The characters especially the Sheriff are well done and written yet with no focus on the story it does not work. There is a horror aboard the train but without knowing anything about it it just does not draw you into the story.
“Make Pretty” A crazy man meets his match with some being but it is never explained wh she is. An angel? Who knows. The art showing her is good enough and the ending to this story is nice enough yet more explanation would be nice.
Pinups end this book and they do have a horror style that presents a scary atmosphere.

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