RICH REVIEWS: Jay-Na: The Jungle Queen # 1

Title: Jay-Na: The Jungle Queen # 1
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Cover, Story & Artwork by: Ulderico Fioretti
Price: $ 7.50 US, $ 8.50 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The first image you see is an owl it has to be seen to fully appreciate the exquisite beauty of this illustration.
Jay-Na is a feminine beauty showing off all of her beauty as she stands fully nude. Her butt is gorgeously shown and it does look so sexy. Everything else is shown as well so this is a mature title.The lions shown are drawn as majestic beasts even magical in appearance and attitude.
A hunter is killing animals in the jungle and the Lion King Gayde and Queen Jay-Na will face this hunter. They have a fierce battle.
Jungle mysticism comes into play.  We see here the birth of a new jungle protector in Jay-Na reborn.
Jay-Na is the new beginning for her jungle. The animal protectors are gone but she remains. The presence emanating from her leaves no doubt she is ready.

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