RICH REVIEWS: Jakuta: Christmas Special

Title: Jakuta: Christmas Special
Publisher: Brown Roof Studios
Writer: Ayegbusi D. Tobiloba
Artist: Okereafor Aanu
Colorists: Grillo Adedayo, Ikupolati Success
Letters: Ikupolati Success
Cover Art: Adedayo Erivic
Cover Colors: McLord Alfred
Alternate Color: McLord Alfred
Creator: Adedayo Erivic
Price: free online
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars
Comments: I like the way the background incorporates parts from the actual regular comics from this company.
The art is done in a cute style that makes the characters endearing. They are discussing final matters and in their country things do seem quit expensive.
When the one guy answers the door the art style changes and it does work for the scene which is about intimidation.
Page thirteen the colors from panel to panel change. The arm band on one characters changes from green to red, a woman her clothes go from black to grey, plus more. This needed to be checked better in a proofread. A banner hanging on a wall completely disappears.
The fight scene is action packed. Jakuta uses his axe briefly and not viciously so the fight is low key.
The story of helping others and giving of yourself does capture the Christmas spirit wonderfully.
The comic the way it is written does bring out the flavor of Nigeria. The way they talk and the background settings.
The characters such as Jakuta and his friends represent good people knowing and doing what is right. They stand up for those who can not. Jakuta we see is a hero.

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