RICH REVIEWS: Jack Kirby’s Starr Warriors

Title: Jack Kirby’s Starr Warriors: The Adventures of Adam Starr and the Solar Legion
Publisher: Image Comics
Story & Art by: Jack Kirby
Remixed by: Tom Scioli
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: In the future, Adam Starr and the Solar Legion are guardians of space. Black Michael is a villain a space pirate. There is lots of action here as Adam and the pirates fight.
The art style is beautifully done. The coloring uses just orange, yellow, red, black, and white. The detail is stunning.
The story itself is the focus here and the characters just happen to be a part of it. Adam Starr is a space here as he fights pirates.
We get to see the Solar Legion being formed. They along with Adam Starr hunt down pirates.
Adam Starr does find himself in great danger. A pirate captures him and leaves him to face a monster. dam’s officers find him and a heat ray goes into play.
Adam and his Solar Legion are ridding the universe of pirates one planet at a time.
The art is simple and just so beautiful to look at, it is a treat for the eyes. The story piques your interest making you want to follow Adam’s adventures.
Adam now takes on the job of finding a missing girl. Adam faces death-defying action as he battles a fish. Adam does find the girl to. The danger for both is thrilling and the story riveting. Adam we see comes prepared for the dangers he faces.
This is an old fashion story with old-fashioned characters as it was written in 1940 by Jack Kirby.
“Cyclone” Burke. Here Captain James “Cyclone” Burke is in a dog fight in the sky with Luther Von Neurath. This story certainly takes a turn from how it starts you would never guess this would happen. There is a little mystery here which is great to see. There is an action which is well illustrated. The art uses blue, black, and white in this story.

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