RICH REVIEWS: Invictus: Outrage! # 3

Title: Invictus: Outrage! # 3
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writer: Jim Burrows
Artists: Gilbert Monsanto, Emily Reece
Letters: Mike W. Belcher
Cover: Gilbert Monsanto
Variant Covers: Gilbert Monsanto, Butler/Monsanto, Steven Butler
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Outrage is wanted for murder. Will the other superheroes hunt her down? Tai Chi Dragon and Golden Arrow look for clues. Maiden America steps up to apprehend Outrage. This ends quickly and without violence. Outrage is out to prove her innocence.
Atomik Bombshell attacks and Outrage uses her attack to good effect. Outrage has been thinking about what she should do and she does it. Outrage is a powerful super-hero yet she stays calm and does the best thing for herself.
The art overall is done well at times though it could use more detail. The coloring is nicely done.
Outrage is a level-headed hero and the thought that she could murder everyone is just wrong. Other than one blow it is nice to see that superheroes can avoid fighting over a situation where you know the accused is innocent and they just need the proof.
Team Invictus is shown and they do look impressive. They have a variety of heroes with different powers and or skills. Outrage seems perfect to lead them.

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