RICH REVIEWS: Invictus: Outrage! # 2

Title: Invictus: Outrage! # 2
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writers: Jim Burrows, Earl Wajenberg
Artists: Gilbert Monsanto, Mel Ford, Dean Juliette, Joshua 1:9 Holley
Colors: Danilo Leao
Letters: Francisco Zamora, Eric N. Bennett, Mike Belcher
Cover: Dean Juliette
Variant Covers: Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler, Mike Cody
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Midnight Blue gives an intro to this boo,k which is done professionally and provocatively. This businesswoman is illustrated lovely.
Terror Noir has been killed and the G-Men want his killer caught.
Vigilante Superheroes are getting more and more violent in taking down criminals. The members of Invictus step in to try to calm the situation occurring. Someone is controlling what is going on, is it Midnight Blue? There is a lot of drama and tension building up among the superheroes. This is leading to them fighting amongst themselves.
The art captures each superhero’s look to bring out their characteristics.
“Lileilah’s tale continues…” This is a tale of God and Goddesses plus angels and demons and basically,y they’re coming into conflict. Red Halo is a guardian. The story is vague and does not tell you much about these characters or their purpose.
“The Night Lili: Part Two” True Blue and Falcon find themselves battling the Daughter of Lilith. The dark entity is illustrated by a presence of evil. This is good vs evil with evil being very powerful.
“Sacramouche” True Blue and Falcon have nice action panels fighting Sacramouche as they all advertise Lil Sammy’s cakes.
Great characters fill these pages. You will be thrilled to see them in action.

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