RICH REVIEWS: In The Same Ship # 1

Title: In The Same Ship # 1
Publisher: Green Tween
Writer: Danis O’stanin
Artist: Julia Karpova
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Cad, Bak, and Klod are three aliens who crash land on an alien planet.
The English has many mistakes in it, both spelling and grammar this makes it hard to read at times. The art is simplistic as in amateurish. There are some nice colors on the pages. The characters are colored so they blend in too well with the backgrounds making it hard to see them.
The outer space scenes are a nice drawing of colors showing the stars in the darkness of space.
They get help finding their ship on the planet.
We are given a description of how the universe started. It is not much of one and it is hard to follow.
We are given no background information on the three main characters. The story is slow in part due to the poor spelling and grammar. Also, there is very little to the story, they land on a planet and look and find their crashed ship.
The star-filled outer space scenes were nicely illustrated, these can and should be enjoyed.

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