RICH REVIEWS: If We Really Know That God is One, Then It’s All Love Play 

Title: If We Really Know That God is One, Then It’s All Love Play
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Martin E Offenberger MD
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Martin Offenberger is a practicing physician, world traveler, and educator who feels at home with people of diverse backgrounds and social status. His search for the truth leads him through Cornell University, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Columbia University, the United States Air Force and the Institute of Human Abilities. He experienced multiple viewpoints in psychology, medicine, religions, philosophies, and cultures before finding a unifying principle in More Philosophy in 1970. From that point, he was able to understand the rightness of each path he had taken and the perfection of all people. Following the teachings of Victor Baranco, he founded the More Institute in Los Angeles, California. From there people could experience More Philosophy for themselves and acquire tools to get more out of life. He and his wife taught courses in the areas people most wanted more in their lives: communications; sensuality; hexing; jealousy, money, and possessions; man-woman; man-God relationships. The philosophy was also accessed through a residency program, weekly evening Mark Groups, a charity, construction projects, housing and feeding the homeless, a medical clinic and a school for children difficult to educate. This book is the result of some insights he gained through 1992.
Comments: Section I: Grief of Joy. These are writings of opinions about life and how to live it. The short sentences express outlooks on how to improve your life. These are all things you can do. All of the phrases are common sense ones. Most of these are things that you may already think you do but do you really? By following these it could make your life more happy and fulfilling.
Section II: Objective Reality. Here how reality is looked at or could be is mentioned. By looking at it a certain way you will enjoy life more. Some of the thoughts here are hard to figure out exactly what they mean.
Section III: God & Holiness. Here the author says if you do not believe in God it is just as good to pretend you do as actually believing. This does not seem right. Some very common things get mentioned that you do not really need to read about. This section gets into God and religion way more than any other section.
You do have to focus at times to make out what the writing says as it is all handwritten. The printing of the book left pages throughout it glued together so you have to tear them to fully open some pages. This book starts out with the author’s thoughts on life and ends with his thoughts about God. He does leave it up to you the reader to decide what is best for yourself.
The book does make you think.

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