RICH REVIEWS: Iconic: The Light of God # 1

Title: Iconic: The Light of God # 1
Publisher: Iconic Canadian Comics
Story by: Richard Vasseur/Theodore Riddle
Writer/Artist: Theodore Riddle
Created by: Richard Vasseur
Price: $ 6.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comment: This story takes place in London, Ontario, Canada and features a normal everyday man. Richard is just hanging out at home with his niece Madison and dog Trouble. When the unthinkable happens. Out of the blue, an event occurs that will forever change the life of Richard and the world. Richard has gained superpowers.
In this world, there is an evil and it is called Evilily. She plans to commit such acts of violent evil. She is illustrated as a beautiful sexy woman. Her weapon of choice is a powerful Trident.
When Evilily and Iconic meet it is a battle between opposites. Each one is the best or worse at what they do.
Iconic rushes to save an innocent who will contribute a lot to the world. He is selfless and his heroic nature comes through clearly.
There is one scene that has Rich, Madison, Derek and Trouble all gathered together in Rich’s house. It is a nice heartwarming scene.
The characters used here are unique and their powers different from others.
Iconic is a hero that anyone could become. He is a shining example of what we all want to be.

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