RICH REVIEWS: Ichabod Jones # 1

Title: Ichabod Jones # 1
Publisher: Wannabe Press
Written and Created by: Russel Nohelty
Art by: Renzo Podesta
Cover Art by: Renzo Podesta
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ichabod is locked in an insane asylum yet he gets out of his room and what he finds is going to stun you. Ichabod faces the monster. Ichabod’s facial expressions go from wide-eyed and sad to wide-eyed and insane.
The art is dark and has an almost cartoon style to it. Ichabod’s big blue eyes are drawn perfectly.
Ichabod has a voice in his head that talks to him. It does add to convincing you he is not fully sane. Yet having him believing he is insane adds to it as well.
The story is not explained well enough. You are through in without knowing any of the reasons or whys of what is going on.
Ichabod does make for an interesting character. So is it all real or just in his head? Only time will tell and to if you continue reading this comic.

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