RICH REVIEWS: I Heart Skull Crusher # 4

Title: I Heart Skull Crusher # 4
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Josie Campbell
Illustrated by: Alessio Zonno
Colors by: Angel De Santiago
Letters by: Jim Campbell
Main Cover by: Alessio Zonno
Variant Covers by: Michael Dialynas, Frany, Alessio Zonno
Created by: Josie Campbell & Alessio Zonno
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Podunk Lil’ Team lead by Trini has made it to the finals. They went through all the opposition. Trini is excitable. Her team is coming together.
Trini and her team get invited to a dinner and while there the other teams are out to kill them. The rulers under Mob’s rule want them dead. They do try to sneak in and do it quitely.
Adding some romance adds a little difference to the story. It is a nice sidebar.
A little more action would have been nice to see instead of skipping over it.
Trini gets to meet her idol face to face and Skull-Crusher is not what she expected. Having Skull-Crusher doing more h sittting on the side lines is a surprise. She looks impressive with her weapon in hand.
Queen Mob she is an impressive person. You can tell she is one sick twisted ruler.
Trini now must get ready for the grand slam battle of her life and also face her idol in a fight to the death. Trini is impressive but against Skull Crusher the best player ever her chances have dropped. Trini was the underdog now, how will she react when its kill or be killed facing Skull Crusher?
Trini is such a delightful underdog and you will always be outing for her.

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