RICH REVIEWS: I Heart Skull Crusher # 3

Title: I Heart Skull Crusher # 3
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Josie Campbell
Illustrated by: Alessio Zonno
Colors by: Angel De Santiago
Letters by: Jim Campbell
Main Cover by: Alessio Zonno
Variant Covers by: Johanna The Mad, Frany, Alessio Zonno
Created by: Josie Campbell & Alessio Zonno
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The team is practicing together and with their new goalie David. David is a big bear. The team is a mess and the coach even more so. Yet they all pull together and as the Podunk Lil’ Team in the Screaming Pain Ball Tournament, the question remains are they ready for their first match? They face the Plague Town Masks.
The tournament is a place of killers Arsenic True is out to murder all the members of the Podunk Lil’ Team. This is a hard-fought game and Trini goes all out. The art showing her scoring a goal is action-packed and you can feel the excitement.
This ragtag-thrown-together team does want to win. They do function together yet they need more time together.
The story flows along smoothly and fast it is over before you know it. The characters are great and function so well with each other. Yes, it is not all smooth operating which is to be expected in a new team.
The game of Screaming Pain Ball is a must-see for fans of roller derby, and extreme sports. This comic is violent to the extreme and fans of the extreme are going to love this.

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