RICH REVIEWS: Hunt. Kill. Repeat

Title: Hunt. Kill. Repeat. (GN)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Mark London
Penciler: Francesco Archidiacono
Inker: Marc Deering
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Cover: Ryan Kincaid
Price: $ 24.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Gods led by Zeus are not pleased that humanity has all but forgotten them. The Greek Gods decide to let humanity know they exist.
Artemis is leading a normal life. She is summoned by Zeus as are many other Gods and Goddesses. They have adapted to living on Earth with humans. They dress as humans now. Apollo, Aphrodite, Athena, and Hermes are all there. Zeus is just oozing power. Zeus is a tyrant he uses fear to control the other Gods and Goddesses. Only Artemis stands up to him. What Zeus does to Artemis is so wrong. Zeus is pure evil.
Ten years later Artemis is up and ready to fight back. Zeus took everything from her so now it’s her turn. Revenge is the number one thing on her mind. Who can blame her? As for her family well she is coming for them.
The art does present the Gods and Goddesses in a way that makes Zeus look like a common thug with powers. The other Gods and Goddesses act as his henchmen. They do seem pathetic. Artemis is illustrated as a woman who is tough and when pushed pushes back.
The story has a few interesting twists to it. Overall we needed to see more happening. How are all these other Gods and Goddesses living on Earth and where? Are they all terrorizing humanity? Has humanity given up hope, other than a few?
Artemis the Hunter is going for Zeus’s jugular.
Artemis is free and Zeus has sent his children the other Gods and Goddesses after her. Aphrodite and Athena go on the hunt while others sit back.
Heph has made new armor for Artemis and it looks stunning. She does look like a warrior goddess. Those who oppose Zeus have a plan, Heph has built a device that may win the war. What it does is not revealed yet.
Aphrodite armed and in armor bursts in ready for battle. She is the first to arrive and she wants Artemis. Aphrodite is a Goddess out for blood. She may be the Goddess of Love yet here her fury is palpable. You can just feel it radiating off her. She wants Artemis and the battle is going in her favor. Yet Hephaestus knew what he was doing.
Artemis is loyal to her friends and does what she can for them. She is also coming for Zeus and if she has to go through all her brothers and sisters to get to him so be it. She now has an equalizer thanks to Heph.
Artemis is done as a wonderful character. She is beautiful, strong-willed, and out for vengeance with an attitude that nothing will stop her.
Artemis is steadfast in her resolve to get her revenge on the other Gods and Goddesses. To do so she must journey to the Underworld.
Artemis does know how to fight and the art portrays her as a warrior.
In the Underworld, Cerberus looks big demonic, and very cute. Uncle Hades is not fully what you might expect the ruler of the Underworld to be like.
Artemis learns she has more reason to hate Zeus and a new mission. She is still going to kill Zeus and the other Gods and Goddesses just now she has added a new part. Her, Tempest, and Hep will take on Zeus and his henchmen. Can Artemis win?
Artemis is written and drawn as a strong character, she goes after what she wants and will stop for nothing.
Zeus and Apollo do not look very impressive. Zeus acts like a minor thug. Without his power he is nothing. Apollo does not seem to be siding with Zeus.
Charron the ferryman in the Underworld has a different look here and style. Artemis though has visited the Underworld before without fear and she still does.
This comic does explore a world where Zeus rules with an iron fist and Zeus is an idiot.
Athena has found Artemis and is going in for the kill. She wants revenge for her sister. Athena uses her owl to launch her attack. Artemis is fighting for her life, for her son and to stop Zeus at any cost.
Artemis, Hephaestus, and Tempus are all putting up a good fight. The two men help out Artemis any way they can.
Hermes and Zeus and other Gods and Goddesses’ are attending Hermes’ wedding to Medusa. Artemis and Medusa are great friends and we see the ease which with they talk to each other.
The art here is gorgeous illustrating the Gods in nonfighting scenes. The colors are so bright and beautiful.
It is wonderful to see all the positive love here. Hermes and Medusa’s love and Artemis’s. Then it all goes south. Medusa is somehow framed. This part of the story needed to be explained better.
Artemis now needs Medusa’s help yet being locked away for years has changed her. This Medusa is now a hideous monster rather than a loving Goddess. Medusa is out for blood. The illustrations of her changes will leave you afraid. If you thought snakes alone in her hair could be scary now it has gone far beyond that.
Artemis must do something she never thought she would. It must be done to give her a fighting chance against Zeus. Zeus is portrayed here as more like the God he is meant to be.
Artemis is ready to end this. So is Zeus. Now Artemis’s son is also in the mixture and under Zeus’s thumb.
All the players left are coming to a confrontation.
Artemis does dash to confront Zeus. Hephaestus and Tempus take care of the guards. Artemis and Zeus go at it and Artemis does her best but Zeus is so much more powerful. The fight has surprises popping up during it: some you might see coming and others not.
The ending here is sad in its way yet it does hold the promise of a better future.

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