RICH REVIEWS: Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms

Title: Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms (GN)
Publisher: Arcana
Series Creator: Bruce Brown
Frozen Kingdom: Bruce Brown
Undersea Kingdom: Bruce Brown & Dwight L. MacPherson
Kingdom of Madness: Bruce Brown
Kingdom of Kingdom: Dwight L. MacPherson & Erik Hendrix
Frozen Kingdom & Undersea Kingdom: Dwight MacPherson
Frozen Kingdom: Renzo Podesta
Undersea Kingdom & Kingdom of Madness: Thomas Boatwright
Three Kingdoms Cover: Rob Corless
Back Cover: Nicholas Brondo
Letters: E.T. Dollman
Price: $ 29.95 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom
  Chapter One
  December 24th, 1894 Howard and his mother visit his dad in Butler Sanitarium. This leads to the young Howard reading a book in bed that his father wrote and warned him not to read. Howard speaks the words and things will never be the same for him again.
The art style is weird to fit the story. The coloring looks amazing. The winter scenery is stark and terrifying. Howard is a little boy and the art clearly shows that. Thu Thu Hmong aka Spot is illustrated as a big tentacled monster that would give young boys nightmares. The art is different in its style yet it does fit the story and characters presented here.
Howard and Spot make it to the castle where they are greeted by menacing solders.
 Chapter Two
  In the castle the two find themselves in danger but out of the cold and warm. The king of the castle King Abdul he is a young boy like Howard. As they walk through the castle the scenes are strange and oddly comforting.
The Jinn a monster has come to the land of R’yleh and frozen it. Howard decides him and Spot will help. He is such a helpful and optimistic boy. He is on such a grand adventure and a dangerous one.
Chapter Three
Howard finds Dagon and Spot’s attack on it is brilliantly done. This leads to more fighting and Howard returns home. Howard though has brought something home with him that will change his life forever. Howard makes a choice that shows he is in control of his life.
 Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom
Chapter One
Cthulhu now rules the Kingdom of R’yleh. Plans are in motion to go after Howard and the book he has. Spot meanwhile has been doing all he can to protect young Master Howard. For a monster Spot is shown as a pretty nice guy.
  Chapter Two
Now young Howard must come up with a plan to save his family. A police man and Howard’s father join Howard on his quest. The plot thickens with Howard’s family in danger.
  The art is so otherworldly and the coloring works so well to bring across the setting and atmosphere of this story.
Chapter Three
Now Howard, his father and the cop Smithie are ready to journey to Yuggoth. Smithie is a wonderful character he is old fashioned and so powerful in his morals. A father and his son and a cop go to another world to face its monsters and they bring a cat to. Spot joins this group as they face tentacled monsters. Just as everything is going so well it turns out it is not.
Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness
Chapter One
So Howard, Smithie, Spot are taking Howard’s father to see the Doc. They do get into trouble along the way. Now Doctor West and his workers are all ready and willing to help. Of course though trouble does loom its ugly head.
  Chapter Two
Well the adventure continues as Howard is still trying to save his father. This leads to more fighting and more monsters. The art gives us a world of other worldly creatures and the landscape as well shows us things we have never seen.
Chapter Three
In a cave Howard, his father, the Doc, the cop and Spot find a lab. Now the monstrous penguins are not the main problem here.  
  This adventure starts and ends with the reading of a book. One book has such power and can cause such destruction, it can also save the world.
You will feel dread as you read this and be thankful it is only a book or is it?

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