RICH REVIEWS: House Corrino # 1

Title: Dune: House Corrino # 1
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Illustrated by: Simone Ragazzoni
Colored by: Dan Jackson
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover by: Raymond Swanland
Variant Covers by: Raymond Swanland, Veronica Fish, Rabeca Puebla, Dan Mora
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Arrakis, Freeman Raiders attack Harkonnens taking back what was theirs. Stilgar leads them in a hard-hitting attack that can not be stopped.
Kaitain Imperial Capital, Harkonnens are betraying Harkonnens over the spice. Spice is of great value. Maybe the most valuable thing in the universe.
Elsewhere in the Palace, the Bene Gesserit influences the Houses and control even. They stay in the background yet are powerful in their own right.
Castle Caladan, Prince Rhombur returns he is changed physically yet mentally still the same. He got what he wanted without his House giving up what they would not to the Tleilaxu.
IX Tleilaxu Laboratory Stronghold, So many plans are in motion and schemes. Everyone wants something. The Tleilaxu Masters want the artificial spice.
Kaitain, Sardaukar Plaza, The Sire has an impressive army. He also has Lords plotting against him. There is court intrigue.
Castle Caladan, The Lord Duke gives his Sword Master Duncan Idaho a mission. Duncan does look impressive.
IX, A Rebel, and a team from House Atreides they are there to stop the Tleilaxu. They want Justice for Prince Rhombur.
Junction Spacing Guild Headquarters Navigator Field, Here we get a look at a Navigator. They live a different life from when they were not a Navigator. Amazing art to illustrate this.
Arrakis Outside of Arrakeen Spaceport, Here two Fremen meet and plan to fight the Harkonnens. We also see a Freman family and understand why they fight it is for love. Love of each other, love of their planet, love of their way of life.
Beakkal Atreides and Vernius War Memorial, House Atreides stands tall and protects what is theirs. Duncan is a man whose presence demands respect.
Arrakis Carthag Residency Harkonnen Headquarters, Here Lord Barron shows how truly evil he is. Lives do not matter to him.
The way what is happening on all these different planets and places are brought together is a work of art in itself. The smooth flow makes this an easy read. This is one enjoyable read.

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