RICH REVIEWS: Honor and Curse Vol 1: Torn

Title: Honor and Curse Vol 1: Torn
Publisher: Mad Cave
Writer: Mark London
Pencils, Inks & Covers: Nicolas Salamanca
Colors & Colors Covers: Tekino
Book & Logo Design, Letters: Miguel Angel Zapata
Price: $ 17.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments:  Chapter 1.
Genshi is a young man training to be a Shinobi. He does have a reoccurring problem. It is causing him to be unsure of his reality. His training keeps him in good standing as he moves forward. He becomes the IGA’s Head Shinobi. This also puts a target on him.
Chapter 2.
Lady Yua is hired to do a job. She is a beautifully illustrated woman.
Genshi is given a mission from his Master. Genshi finds out it is a trap and he faces Lady Yua and two of her trained killers. Lady Yua is portrayed as one tough lady.
Chapter 3.
There is something strange going on with Genshi, something sinister. What it is a mystery yet one that will fully reveal itself in time.
Lady Yua and Genshi Sakagura’s battle goes to the next level.
The males in this comic are drawn with nicely illustrated muscles.
Lady Akemi is Genshi Sakagura’s love interest. She has a wonderful sexy butt.
We do learn what is going on with Genshi and his power. A Tengu gives whoever it posses power. The possessed person decides how they use that power.
Chapter 4.
Here we see how Yua became who she is today. She was a cute innocent girl and now today she is something far different.
Genshi now does use the power of his Tengu and it has a violent evil side as it is let loose.
Chapter 5.
Genshi seeks the Elder One. In this chapter, Genshi suffers a great loss. He does not show much emotion though. Perhaps because he is a warrior a Shinobi.
Chapter 6.
Here Genshi loses so much. Here too he sees that maybe the Tengu Minamoto that gives him his greatest power may be his greatest weakness.
At times the characters are hard to follow who is who and why they are here.
Genshi is a wonderful man who is caught up in others’ schemes. Others want to use him and do. He is caught up and doing what he thinks best. This ancient Japanese story is an epic tale of love, fighting, and intrigue.

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