Title: Holly Jolly (HC)
Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing
Writer/Designer: Mark Voger
Artists: various
Price: $ 43.95 US (print), $ 15.99 US (digital)
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This Christmas book visits all the different media and looks at Christmas in them. The art from old time ads is gorgeous. The first color pin-up is breathtaking showing a couple together at Christmas.
Here Mark Voger tells us about his early memories of Christmas. You will probably recognize parts from your own childhood.
You get a list of all the most important things involving Christmas that have happened through the years.
“Early Media”
The Christmas cards shown here are illustrated to give them a meaningful appeal that is heartwarming. They bring across the true meaning of Christmas.
So many books have been made about Christmas and lots about the songs that we listen to and sing along with.
The older decorations are so beautifully done. The feelings of nostalgia are strong here.
“Toys & Games”
The toys and games now these are real toys and games to hold a child’s interest and imagination.
Christmas and Santa Claus have been used to sell pretty much everything. Magazines advertise using it to promote anything they can. Comic books to got in on it big time from Marvel, DC, Archie to Dell and more.
In music all most all the famous top singers have songs to do with Christmas. Some of the time greats have had their songs become classics down through the years. They are instantly recognizable. They do bring the feeling of Christmas into you as you listen to them.
So many big name stars have been involved in making Christmas movies. Edmund Gwenn starring in Miracle on 34th Street was one of the best of them. The movie actually made you wonder is Santa Claus really real. There have been so many great movies and more to come.
Christmas has influenced TV shows invading every genre of it. Animation for sure as well brought Christmas cheer to so many people.
“‘Til Next Year”
Celebrities ring in about what Christmas meant to them and how they celebrated it.
Mark Voger gives us an inside trip into his childhood Christmas’s.
The art is lavish throughout the entire book. Just flipping through it will bring back so many memories.
This book will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit.

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