RICH REVIEWS: Hive Mind Volume 01

Title: Hive Mind Volume 01
Publisher: Mind Comics
Art & Story: Plaid Klaus
Price: $ 25.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The illustrations are weird and will get you thinking and wondering.
Kippy and Parker are partners and they take odd jobs. Now Kippy is way down on his luck. He pissed off the Hive. What exactly is the Hive? They look after humanity and protect them but why?
Kippy has a family he loves back in the Hive. He just wants to get back to them. So this story is about his love for them and how it motives him.
The story unfolds like an old-style noir detective movie. The Hive is illustrated with a look that will make you think of Nazis. They are the bad guys in this story. Kippy, now he takes a while but he finally realizes he wants to be free of them.
There is a lot of talk about electronics and the art shows it as well. There are robots and artificial intelligence yet how it all ties into what is going on is never fully explained.
The characters are wonderful as they navigate through this strange world. The story itself unless they read a write-up about it will not be clear what is going on here. There is just no way to fully understand it. The art is beautifully done and gives a strange look to this book that is completely enjoyable to behold.
Kippy is your hardboiled noir-style detective and his personality will have you rooting for him.

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