Title: Hit Girlz (GN)
Publisher: Brand X Books
Story by: Darryl Hughes
Art by: Monique Macnaughton
Price: $ 12.98 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Bella and Marybeth are two beautiful well-armed babes. Now the how did they get to here is explained. Bella’s dad is responsible for these two high school girls becoming killers.
The black and white art does illustrate this book well. The girls are drawn as high school girls. They are cute but not over the top sexy.
Bella, we see how she gets involved in the assassination game. It’s all about family for her. Plus of course, money to pay for stuff lots of stuff.
Now Bella does tell her BFF Marybeth and a killer team is formed. These two go gun-crazy on their first time out together. Now, these two high school girls do have their own take on how a hit should go and how to act afterward. These two girls using social media become national celebrities. This comic does have a unique take on mob assassins.
Everything is going great until it is not. Then you know what really hits the fan and things get way out of hand. The Hit Girlz though do keep their heads and remain calm under pressure.
This is an impressive take on a mob hitmen. You have never seen the likes of this as Bella and Marybeth leave a wake of death and great fashion sense as they carve their way through the mob bosses.
The art does fit the story and the criminals are illustrated to look seedy and rough. The girls are cute six-teen year old’s. The art does not depict them as overly sexual but just the right amount of cuteness.
The legend of the Hit Girlz will live forever.

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