RICH REVIEWS: High Heaven Vol. 1:

Title: High Heaven Vol. 1: The Austerity Gospel (TPB)
Publisher: Ahoy Comics
Writer: Tom Peyer
Artist: Greg Scott
Color: Andy Troy
Letters: Rob Steen
Cover Artist: Richard Williams
Collection Cover: Greg Scott & Andy Troy
Created by: Tom Peyer, Mary Siau and Greg Scott
Price: $ 15.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter One” David finds himself in a line going to Heaven or maybe Hell. Saint Peter is shown with attitude. David finds Heaven to be a very different place than it is thought to be.
The pin-up page between chapter one and two is a horrific drawing that will give you chills.
“Chapter Two” Here we get a look at the different parts of Heaven and also a look at Hell. David is not enjoying his time in Heaven. Davis also gets a roommate and yes it is about the last person he would ever want as one.
“Chapter Three” Life goes on, on Earth for the girl both David and Ben were interested in. What is L-Meat? It is a mystery that needs solving. Well, David and Ben do ask someone who knows what L-Meat is. So he sends them to it with a warning. The set up is done well and lets you know that L-Meat is not going to be good.
“Chapter Four”  St. Peter and Gabriel are having a discussion about David. For some reason, he seems to be a huge deal to St. Peter. Than Gabriel takes flight and with David where are they going? The story will have you wondering how it is going to all end. The art does look good. It is a bit too dark at times. David’s face has some wonderful expressions.
“Chapter Five” David is trying to get back to Earth and Heather is waiting there. Only things never turn out as you expect them to.
David is an ordinary guy. He just wants to spend his time in Heaven being somewhat happy. He is a complainer and whiner who does get heard. We can all sympathize with David. He only wants what’s best for him.

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