RICH REVIEWS: Heroineburgh Comics # 2

Title: Heroineburgh Comics # 2
Publisher: Heroinebourgh Comics
Creator, Writer, and Editor: Manny Theiner
Artist, Letterer, Back Cover Pinup: Benjamin Zeus Barnett
Artist, Letterer: Wayne Brown
Cover: Jason Wright
Back Cover Pinup: Marcel Walker, Howard Bender, Anne Strongman
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Sister Sinister” Savanna looks gorgeous in her leopard skin outfit. We see the origin of Panthyra she is Savanna’s sister and she also looks stunning in costume. We now have two sisters one good and one bad and both with cat like abilities. These two sisters go at it and Panthyra is filled with hatred. The fight gets brutal and bloody.
It is nice learning about Savanna and her home life as well as her family. We learn something about each character both hero and villain. This story has some intense emotions in it.
“Robots Attack!” Sintilla and Vendetta have a short but nice match-up. But Sintella is shown using the power of Vaporia.
A small army of Destructo-Bots is unleashed on the city and the Pittsburgh Heroine League is ready as Poderosa, Jinniyya, Devara and Darbouka go into action. The League members work well and there is a wonderful variety of powers and abilities in them.
“Comic Strips” Cybrina and Red Gina take on a serious crime that does really occur, sex trafficking. It is great seeing these two fighting such an awful crime.
Some of the lettering is done way too small in these strips. It makes it so hard to read it.
The second comic strip stars Arctica and Hellfyra and they are enjoying a night out when Morphia makes the scene. These two heroines are opposites in powers yet go together well.
The Third comic strip has X-Machina and Arogya they encounter Stella and the heroines easily take care of the situation.
These Super-Heroines do deliver excitement and face villains who are criminals that you will want to see caught. This comic delivers a good old-fashioned super-heroine story with good art.

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