RICH REVIEWS: Herobear and the Kid 2016 Fall Special # 1

herobear-and-the-kid-2016-fall-special-1Title: Herobear and the Kid 2016 Fall Special # 1
Publisher: KaBoom!
Written and Illustrated by: Mike Kunkel
Cover by: Mike Kunkel
Variant Cover by: Roger Langridge
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This story is about surprises and how they can fill you with hope or dread. Hopefully hope.
Elmo and Taylor meet up with Vanessa. Seeing Taylor so in love is cute.
Things urn weird next. Herobear is brought out to play. Its one bear vs one T-Rex. The battle between these two you just have to see to believe. The art is gorgeous. It is black and white with just a splash of red.
Taylor being a kid does manage to screw things up. So his time traveling self comes back to help. So its up to Taylor to save the day. The fact that he is also the future Santa Claus might help with that. Yes this comic has Santa Claus as a kid and with his super-hero bear. How cool is that!
This issue has dinosaurs, cowboys, vikings, ninjas, knights, plus of course Herobear and the Kid. Could you ask for anything more? No.
This is one great adventure you have to read to believe.

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