RICH REVIEWS: Hero Cats # 17

Title: Hero Cats # 17
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Creater & Writer: Kyle Puttkammer
Pencils & Inks: Omaka Schultz
Colors: Julie Barclay
Lettering: George Gant
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: “Hero Cats of Skyworld, Part 2” Bandit on this other world stands ready to stop the evil Crow King. Bandit meets a group of other cats.
The cats escape is anti-climatic.
The Crow King we are clearly shown does rule this world with an iron claw. We also get a look at the birth of some new Hero Cats. Lancelot, Sapphire, Maddie & Newton join Bandit and Robot along with a dragon.
The beautiful illustration of the Crow King and his minions will leave you in awe. This is how evil looks.
The new Hero Cats are joined as a group and they are going to fight. Can cats beat crows? Tune in next issue to find out.

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