RICH REVIEWS: Hero Cats # 13

hero_cats_13-digital-1Title: Hero Cats # 13
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Created & Written by: Kyle Puttkammer
Illustrated by: Sey Viani
Inked by: sarah Elkins
Letters by: Shannon Butt
Edits by: Keek Stewart
Colors by: Sigi Ironmonger
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Comments: This is an alternate else world tale. It takes place in a universe and world different than the one you know.
Here Belle is a powerful sorcerous. Ace has fallen in love with Cassiopeia and wants the sorcerous Belle to help him.
Shadow in this world is a vampire. The glowing eyes and sharp long fangs give him away.
Rocket as well we see another version of. He is an evil alien robot.
This issue is made for Halloween, it has all sorts of creatures to frighten you.
This world ruled by the Hero Cats of the Apocalypse is a nightmare place. Good thing Cassiopeia can control it.
Great Halloween story with some great art. It is a fun break from the regular stories.

Richard Vasseur

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