RICH REVIEWS: Hero 9 To 5 Vol. 1

Title: Hero 9 To 5 Vol. 1 (GN)
Publisher: Markosia Enterprises
Written by: Ian Sharman
Drawn by: David Gray
Coloured by: Yel Zamor
Price: $ 15.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Hot Stuff” starring Jacob Reilly aka Flame-O. He works at Heroes 4 Zeroes. Yes in this world heroes are for hire. Depending on how good a hero is making a difference in the money they earn.
This book takes a look at the second class or working-class super-hero in particular Flame-O. He is just your average working guy. Flame-O is a loser, lazy and careless. The story does clearly show him having real-life problems as any real person would. Then he meets his villain Frostica and she is a total babe.
Jacob may not be the greatest hero or save the world but he does good and here he does bring happiness to someone’s life and his own. It is a sweet moment, beautifully illustrated.
“Cold Comfort” As Flame-O and friends have lunch in a restaurant that looks a lot of a McDonald’s with real super-heroes present real meaning they make more money and care less about the common man. Than villains attack D-Kay, Con-Tamin8, and Foebia. It is a short fight. The mixture of humor in it works well.
Flame-O finds out especially in the super-hero business being in love with a supervillain can create situations. Than Flame-O acts like some men do and prove his girlfriend Frostica right.
“From Fire To Ice,” Frostica is not fully an ex-supervillain. Frostica joins up with some villains and she ends up in battle against Flame-O and his buddies. Frostica finally gets back with Flame-O and all is well until Pink Girl shows up all bloody. The tension builds here.
“The Part of Me That Hates” A hero Sentinel went too far. Flame-O a true hero steps up to put him in his place. Things place out rather nicely here. Pink Girl proves she is not to be trifled with.
Now Flame-O and Frostica are just two people in love. The fact they have powers is just a nice bonus. They are both wonderful people well Frostica is a little crazy still but nice. These two do make a great couple and you will be glad to see them get their Happily Ever After.

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