Title: Hellboy FCBD
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Script by: Mike Mignola
Art by: Mark Lazlo
Colors by: Dave Stewart
Lettering by: Clem Robins
Cover Art by: Mike Mignola with Color by Dave Stewart
Netflix Stranger Things
Script by: Derek Fridolfs
Art, Colors, & Lettering by: Jonathan Case
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “The Fortune Teller” Hellboy is on the case to solve a murder. As he questions a fortune teller things get rough as she has more in mind then telling simple fortunes. Hellboy does not have to do much here he lays down and thats the end of this case even the loose end wraps itself up. This is a well presented story with art to fit it. Hellboy looks normal for a big red demon is clothing. Hellboy may have a huge part to play in the saving of the world later on in his life but here he is just like your average Joe if the supernatural existed in this world.
“Deliver Me From Evil” Two bros are out for a drive delivering pizzas. One tells some tales of encounters he had as a  child. First up Chupacabra and it looks viscious. The thing attacks him and he fights back. The next tale is about a ghost La Llorona. When your a child it is hard to get adults to believe the unbelievable. Next tale has Quetzalcoatl appearing to him out of a garbage bin. The other bro well he has seen things better left unseen. This story has a strange ending.

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