RICH REVIEWS: Hellbillies # 1/2

Title: Hellbillies # 1/2 (FCBD)
Publisher: King Bone Press
Created by: Bryan Boles and Jon Westhoff
Art, Logos and Cover by: Bryan Boles
Interior Colors by: Timothy O’Briant
Script and Letters by: Jon Westhoff
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Two good ole’ boys are out in the country. Mary joins them as gators that walk like people move towards them.
The art is simple and very basic. The backgrounds are plain. Some panels have no backgrounds.
The fight with the gators is set up nicely. These are not just any gators either there is something strange about them.
The story does not get into explanations. So we have no idea why or where these gators came from.
The four main characters do mesh well together. They make a fine monster hunting squad. Its Hillbillies vs Gator/Men in a fight to the death.

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