RICH REVIEWS: Harrow County # 29

Title: Harrow County # 29
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Script: Cullen Bunn
Art, Lettering and Cover: Tyler Crook
“Church Camp, Broken Pinky-Toe, and Floating Coffins” by: Ma’at Crook
“Tales of Harrow County” by: Tyler Crook
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Gorgeous pin-up style page art starts this issue off. Emmy shows emotion as she puts her creation in a better place.
Hester is a frightening sight and the way she acts, how she carries herself will have the hairs on your body rising. Hester is out for blood. The art shows you the details as they happen and you will feel as if you have stepped into a real-life horror story.
Hester is truly evil and as her plans unfold you can feel she might just succeed. Emmy is in for the fight of her life. Is she tough enough to stand against Hester and who is the most powerful? The battle to end all battles is coming.
“Church Camp, Broken Pinky-Toe, and Floating Coffins” This story is so well written it will give you chills. So much emotion is in it, so much love.
“Tales of Harrow County: Henry” Henry is one evil so and so. You might think something drove him to be evil but no he just is. This short story goes right to the point and you will hate Henry.

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