RICH REVIEWS: Harrow County # 19

Title: Harrow County # 19
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Script: Cullen Bunn
Art, Lettering and Cover: Tyler Crook
“Tales of Harrow County” Script: Tyler Crook
“Tales of Harrow County” Art: Aud Koch
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Emmy is adjusting to being a reincarnation of Amaryllis. Which is better than Hester. Amaryllis was the most powerful of her kind.
The art is beautifully done. The country side and the buildings look so quaint. Emmy is illustrated as a cute girl and not the almost godlike being she really is.
There are out of town hunters in Harrow County. There hunting a monster. The monster the Lord of Beasts though is not so easy to capture.
Luke one of the hunters finds himself out in the woods all alone. Well not all alone for in the shadows haints abound.
Emmy may be a cute little girl but she is the most frightening thing about this comic. It is all about what she could do.
“Tales of Harrow County: Priscilla” This is a short part of the story. It does let you know something is going on and that it is not good. Goblins are around.

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