RICH REVIEWS: Hans Christian Andersen’s: The Little Mermaid

Title: Hans Christian Andersen’s: The Little Mermaid
Publisher: Papercutz
Adapted by: Metaphrog (Sandra Marrs and John Chalmers)
Based on the tale by: Hans Christian Andersen
Price: $ 13.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: The undersea palace you have to see, the colors and style are so beautiful.
The Little Mermaid is filled with curiosity about the surface world. Finally, the Little Mermaid is old enough to visit the surface world. The scenes up above are magic to the Little Mermaid. They are magically illustrated as well.
This book is far different than the animated movie or cartoon series of the same name.
The storm at sea is drawn as a thing alive a huge living embodiment of the seas rage.
You will feel sorry for this Little Mermaid. She wants only to be human but the price is so high. The Little Mermaid now a human is still not happy. The sadness will seep into your heart and make you feel for this Little Mermaid. Her tears will pull at your heart strings.
This is a story that starts out filled with hope and wonder and ends in the deepest darkest night of sadness you can imagine.

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