RICH REVIEWS: Handbook of the G-Man Universe Spring 2022 Backer Supplement

Title: Handbook of the G-Man Universe Spring 2022 Backer Supplement
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Covers by: Gilbert Monsanto
Superheroes Created by: Leon Mallett, Dan Hoins, Josh Smith, Mike Spagnola, Jeffrey Cameron, Nigel Flood, Mike Desharnais, Patrick Maloney Jr., Bradley Walker, Matthew Szewczyk, Martin Boruta, Ezekiel Zhong-Han, Gregg, Whitmore, Christian Jacobson, Charlie McElvy, John McIntosh, Mike Spagnola, Roscoe Clinton, Noah Dingley, Christopher Hart
Art by: Gilbert Monsanto
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a listing of lots of superheroes. Each hero is posed beside their information. There are many impressive superheroes in these pages. Each character is an individual with totally different powers and origins. The illustrations are gorgeously done and colored beautifully. Some of the costumes do hint at or tell you what powers and or abilities they have. So many different races and aliens are represented. They have the physical bodies for the most part that shows they are in shape and ready to fight. The women are beauties.
So many characters such as Spider-Squirrel, Wukone, Critter Queen, and many many more.
This is just a list with illustrations so there is no story here. This book does give you a good idea of what the comics are like. You should expect lots of fun and action from these characters in the comics they are in.

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