RICH REVIEWS: Handbook of the G-Man Universe # 8

Title: Handbook of the G-Man Universe # 8
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Story by: Rik Offenberger
Art by: Gilbert Monsanto, Mike Cody, Cody Conyers
Cover by: Gilbert Monsanto
Superheroes Created by: Paul Monsky, Rik Offenberger, Jim Burrows, Jeffrey M. Cameron, Eric N. Bennett, Mike Spangnola, Adam Coburn, David Gallimore, Cody Conyers, Carlos Raphael, Joshua Horn, Jason Metcalf
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Ace is a beautifully illustrated superhero with a unique set of abilities due to her bracelets. There are many more superheroes and villains throughout these pages.
The Crusader is a frightening assassin. His look alone is enough to instill fear. Then there is the Jester who has a more playful look. His costume is a nice combination of blues.
With all the heroes and villains shown here, you get a wide variety of types and abilities. There is a lot of creative talent showcased here.
Paloma The Shaow Dove is a beautiful crime fighter. She fights crime from the shadows. The Singularity is an alien with powerful abilities and he is unique. He appears as a shadow.
Thor aka Grant Farrel here he is a human who gains the powers and abilities of a God. The Wanderer has several magical artifacts that grant him power. There is some mystery around this character.
This is a wonderful collection of characters who appear in the G-Man comics. These characters provide the reader with a fresh look at heroes and villains that seem to have popped up from the Golden Age of comics.

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