Title: Gumby # 1
Publisher: Papercutz
Writers: Jeff Whitman, Kyle Baker, Ray Fawkes
Artists: Jolyon Yates, Kyle Baker
Colorists: Laurie E. Smith, Kyle Baker, Matt Herms
Letterers: Janice Chang & Calvin Louie, Kyle Baker
Cover Artist: Rick Geary
Cover Colorist: Laurie E. Smith
Price: $ 3.99 US, $ 5.50 Can
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: “An Alien Abundance
Gumby, Pokey, and Tara are having fun in the toy store and inside books. Yes, they can travel inside of books.
The art is fantastic and illustrates Gumby and Pokey beautifully. They are just how you originally remember them. The colors pop out at you.
Moon creatures invade the toy store. With Gumby there, it all works out in this all ages adventure that is great for children and adults alike.
Model-y Crew
Pokey brings a model home. Gumby certainly has a lot of fun friends. Now Pokey and Gumby help the model Maddie design a dress. A dress which is not needed so Gumby helps out in another way at the model’s fashion show. Gumby does have a way of making everything turn out just right. The colors are nice and bright in this story.
Gumby and Pokey in the Land of Ice Cream
Yes, they actually visit the Land of Ice Cream. Well did you know ice cream comes from mountains of it in the Land of Ice Cream? You can learn so much in a Gumby comic and have even more fun. Gorgeous art on our stars goes together well with this fun tale.
Gumby and Pokey are two classic characters that will never go out of style. Gumby and Pokey are two other words that mean fun.

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