RICH REVIEWS: Grimwood Crossing # 1

Title: Grimwood Crossing # 1
Publisher: Grimwood Crossing
Writer and Letterer: Conner Bartel
Illustrator: Atagun Ilhan
Logo and Book Designer: Marc Bartel
Cover Art and Design: James Liswed
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The old west is full of monsters. The zombies and vampires are illustrated to cause some hair standing on end feelings. The Sheriff and Bobby find a next and enter it. There is a fight and the undead rise.
In town as the train stops and is opened up a deadly surprise awaits. For the Sheriff, revenge is coming.
The black and white art gives this book a gritty look. The creatures do have a frightening appearance just they are not really scary.
The story focuses on the Sheriff and his apprentice Bobby. The Sheriff does actually care about the town and its people. He is a tough and hard man who has been protecting the town a long time from both man and monster.
This issue does set up nicely for what is to come. The wild west has never been this wild.

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