RICH REVIEWS: Grimm Tales from the Cave

Title: Grimm Tales from the Cave (GN)
Publisher: Mad Cave
Authors: Cullen Bunn, Mark London, Stephanie Phillips, Che Grayson, Nadia Shammas, Christopher Sebela, Anthony Cleveland, Malissa White, Dalton Deschain, Chuck Harp, Mario Candelaria
Artists: Andrea Mutti, Luisa Russo, Rowan MacColl, Maan House, Cecilia Lo Valvo, Shane Connery Volk, Val Halvorson, Rio Burton, Ho Seng Hui, Nicolas Faluotico, David Escobar
Colorists: Joana La Fuente, Roman Stevens, Luca Romano, Giorgio Spalletta, Allison Hu
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating:4  out of 5 stars
Comments: Soldiers of Fortune
A demon offers a fortune for seven years. He comes to collect as well and the story is easy to follow and the art looks good illustrating the people and one frightening demon from Hell. The story though is weird in that it does not have a moral to it. It is entertaining and makes you think a little yet it needed more to it.
Pay the Piper
Yes, you should always pay what you owe. If not the Piper might get you. This is a frightening tale of the supernatural. The Piper is drawn as one scary being. What he is capable of is pure evil and only the evilest deserve it.
Hello, My Name Is…
A woman just wanting to work is on the point of losing her identity to a demon. She is strong-willed and does not give in which allows her to stand up not just for herself but for all the other workers as well. The art is done in greens and black only which gives it a unique appearance.
Mother’s Thorn
Astrid is one hard-working girl for her ungrateful mother and step-sister. Fate though sometimes does step in and deliver justice. The witches are at first illustrated so beautiful and then so ugly. Either way they treat Astrid right as she is due.
Birds of a Feather
Well, these pretty birds do stick together and avenge their sister. The way the story is told works well as if it is two stories with similarities. The women are illustrated with a touch of danger to them and they are dangerous.
Billy and Her Friend Death
Billie does make a friend in Death. Aw, this is a sweet and caring story. Billie is a wonderful woman and Death well he keeps his word. They are friends. The art fits the story perfectly.
Little Deaths
A King wants a Queen who does not want him. This Queen is much more than a Queen. Well, this story turns out to have a romantic side to it. A fairy tale happy ending. Great art showing off the characters in it.
The Girl with Dirty Hands
Emily is a sad girl with a sad life who finally finds some happiness. Emily shows that believing in yourself is a great way to better your life. The art is simple yet conveys the story easily.
No Good Deed
A down on his luck man encounters a being of power. The man is given what he deserves not what he wants. He was a pathetic man. The being is written and drawn with an evil little twist to him while being charismatic.
A witch lures victims to their doom. Her latest a heroic knight with not entirely pure thoughts. She is a hideous creature now after so long in her tower and abusing her abilities.
New Nightmares, Sold Cheap
Here one con man exerts his influence over people. He is a con man and using them without them realizing it. They end up belonging to his body and soul. He is an evil person a devil on earth. The art is suitable for the story yet nothing stands out about it which does make it fit.
This is a nice collection of horror stories that are sure to give you a bit of a fright

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