RICH REVIEWS: Grendel: Devil’s Crucible – Defiance # 1

Title: Grendel: Devil’s Crucible – Defiance # 1
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Created, Written, and Drawn by: Matt Wagner
Colors by: Brennan Wagner
Letters by: Rob Leigh
Standard Cover Line Art by: Matt Wagner with Colors by Brennan Wagner
Variant Cover Line Art and Colors by Brennan Wagner
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: In this future world humanity is no longer as it once was. Here Grendel or anyone bearing his likeness is wanted dead or alive. He wanders the land looking for more Grendel’s and to see what is left of humanity.
In this time and place, there are Anti-Grendels who are out to enforce their laws and destroy any Grendels. A couple have found Grendel and he reacts. His energy shields are amazing. The art gorgeously portrays him. The fighting is rough and tough yet beautifully illustrated.
There are a lot of questions here, who are the Necro-Lords, how did the world come to be as it is, and why are Grendels so hated?
What does Grendel Prime plan to do in this Grendel-hating world? Well, he does find a couple of others to help him.
The cities where the Necro-Lords dwell are guarded well. So of course your curiosity will be peaked. What is behind those energy shields?
Grendel does not talk much as his presence says a lot. Just be being he draws attention. He will draw your attention as well.

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