RICH REVIEWS: Gregory Suicide

Title: Gregory Suicide (HC)
Publisher: Darkhorse
Writer: Eric Grissom
Artist: William Perkins
Colorist: William Perkins
Post Process Colors: Eric Grissom
Letters: Eric Grissom
Cover Artist: Will Perkins IV
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book is about artificial intelligence.
Gregory a vessel has gone. He or it has wondered out into the world. Gregory is an old AI and is he alive?
Amala is the Doctor who created Gregory and other AI programs. Gregory since he awoke has found Rachel the granddaughter of Amala.
Now for some reason, the police and drones are after Gregory? The art is gorgeous as we see all of these in action. For an antique Gregory performs well.
There is a mystery that is slowly coming to the surface involving the Gemini who replaced the Gregory vessels.
Here the AI program is placed into a cloned human body. This is different. The story shifts into high gear as AI’s and humans face off in a race were the AI’s are fighting to survive. Does an AI deserve to live is it truly alive?
Here we see what could happen in a world were AI’s want to take over. In the fight for human survival, it is the AI who fights for them against the AI.
There is a definite power struggle here between the AI’s and humans. Also between various AI’s. You are left wondering who should run this world?

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